Standard Guarantees

The following are the minimum standard guarantees given by IPM Quality Builders and apply to all contracts, unless otherwise noted.

Extended guarantees may also be requested prior to the quotation being done, in which case they will also be noted specifically on each individual specification.

Waterproofing guarantees – the guarantee for waterproofing will be stipulated on the quotation for the job.

Painted Plastered Vertical Walls: – 3 years, against any peeling or flaking

Painted Woodwork: – 1 year, against any peeling or flaking

Varnished Woodwork: – 1 year against any peeling or flaking

Painted Metalwork: – 1 year, against any peeling or flaking; six months against the re-appearance of corrosion

Painted Roof: -3 years, against any peeling or flaking

Please note:

Walls that suffer from water penetration from behind, below, or above, such as boundary, retaining, gallery, stairway and balcony walls are excluded from the guarantee. The reason for this is that the water penetration and the consequent peeling of the paint in these instances are beyond our control: boundary walls, for example, invariably lack any damp course.

The guarantee also does not apply to lime washed walls which are repainted with lime wash.

Floors usually experience high traffic and it is therefore recommended that the floors be included in continual maintenance program, we do not guarantee floors.

Metal work; should creep rust occur please note that we will not be held liable for paint delimitation, this will include metal windows.

We cannot be held responsible if windows do not close properly, due to paint film build up of newly applied paint or the swelling of window hinges, which could occur because of a variance in climatic conditions.

The guarantee is applicable from the date of final statement, upon full payment of the account. The guarantee means that any defect within its terms will be remedied by us, within two weeks of written notification, at no cost (weather permitting).

In those instances where scaffolding or cradle access is required, the defect will be remedied within one month or sooner after written notice.

While the formal guarantees apply, we regard our relationships with our customers as ongoing and hopefully, of a permanent nature, we are invariably happy to attend to any problems that may arise for longer than the formal guarantee period (within reason).

In fact, we welcome such requests, as they provide the personal and ongoing relationship that we believe lies at the heart of all mutually beneficial commercial transactions.

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