Quality Control

Quality is of paramount importance in our business. Below the pillars on which quality assurance rests:

  • Accurate tenders:  Great care is taking to ensure that tenders are accurate and that it compares favorably with current market prices and market conditions.
  • Management involvement:  One or both of the members are always involved in every single project and frequent visits to building sites ensure that instructions are carried out and that all work complies with standard.
  • Operational management:  IPM has secured the services of very competent and experienced project managers. These are the hands-on resources that take care of the day to day running of every single site. Every project will at least be controlled by one of the managers, but if the complexity and size of the project demands it, more resources will be deployed. IPM also has access to more of these resources should circumstances and workload demand it.
  • Professional relationships:  When required IPM can call on a trusted and proven professional team of architects, civil, structural, geotechnical and electrical engineers, surveyors, attorneys and safety consultants.
  • Communication: Frequent communications amongst everyone involved in projects.
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